“Committed to Absolute Perfection!”


Absolute Title Group, Incorporated was founded in 2004 by Cathleen F. Ward, Esq. to meet the rising demand for title services that was being placed on her law firm, Ward & Co., Chtd.  The law firm had, since its inception in 1997, conducted real property transactions as a component of its commercial and residential real estate practices. However, by 2003 it was clear that a more focused and dedicated effort to supporting both its burgeoning commercial practice and the rapidly growing residential settlement market was necessary.

Absolute Title was the logical outgrowth of that necessity.  Ms. Ward, though, had a somewhat more profound expectation of the new company.  As one of the state’s leading practitioners of real estate, zoning and land use law, she demanded that Absolute Title and its entire staff, treat each settlement with the same attention and focus that that the law firm rendered to its clients.  In her experience, it had become clear that far too many title companies operated from a transactional viewpoint, rather than from a legal perspective.  She realized that this presented Absolute Title with a unique competitive advantage; an advantage that would allow it to thrive, even in the most difficult economic conditions.  Further, by insisting from the company’s very origin that the company’s client focus and service delivery were unparalleled, Ms. Ward was able to create a corporate ethic and attitude that permeates every settlement; from the time Absolute Title receives a title order until the very last document is correctly processed, delivered and recorded.

While the company’s operational performance is unsurpassed, Absolute Title offers its clients an additional benefit that set it even further ahead of its competitors.  Simply, as an attorney-owned and operated title company, Absolute Title has immediate access to the substantial resources of Ward & Co., Chtd. legal staff.  From forming legal entities to correcting document errors to advising on the most complex transactional issues, Absolute Title is able to minimize unnecessary delays, eliminate uncertainty and foster confidence for every client, regardless of the nature of the transaction, regardless of the amount of the transaction and regardless of the challenges faced by the Absolute Title team in bringing the transaction to settlement.

Every day, and in every way, Absolute Title Group, Incorporated is “Committed to Absolute Perfection!”

Cathleen F. Ward, Esq., President

Robert Paul Pratz, Vice President

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